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Beijing will hold forum of international football arena

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No matter China is sufficient team whether march 2010 south Africa world cup, chinese element was acting more and more important role to had become the fact that does not dispute on international football arena. From 2007 later, international football is the most important, the arena of football of international of IFA(of authoritative height forum that has force most) will come to China again, this height forum of this year will in May 23, hold two days 24 days in Beijing. At the appointed time, the heavyweight person that international football has force most will gather together in big public house of Oriental gentleman Yue. The topic for discussion of very much attention making a person will arise during forum of international football height, such as after 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese football what course to follow? Asian player how better blend in European football? Channel of football paying fee whether carry out in China etc. Top professional personage will spread out to such topic for discussion discuss. And included in the honored guest that attend the meeting inferior sufficient couplet chairman originally - presiding apparitor Si Qiu amounts to Ha Man, Ying Chao Mo Er, Qieerxi club chairman Bruce - Buck, before Chinese team bishop, in addition two well-known China abroad players, the Shao Jia of the club also will attend the Sun Jihai of team of city of effectiveness Yu Man and Ketebusi this second grand meeting.

Home's numerous professional media will give high attention to this conference, also gifted at the same time the good luck that the athletic brand of numerous home shows Chinese enterprise elegant demeanour, be in this year among them on the west the Europe such as armour puts in high-tech in top class match " demon blanket " the Hong Xinger of stereo billboard overcomes a company to will be thrown again, the coronal name that makes forum of this second IFA height cooperates business. At the same time this also blow Hong Xinger gram marchs the bugle of world football field, during this second IFA forum, gram of grand star Er rolls out heavy pound his football strategy news briefing, a few significant move will announce during the news briefing.

Hold to " TO BE NO. ONE " in recent years successive hold a memorial ceremony for gives the company of Hong Xinger gram of the tenet with great quantity, afterwards the beginning of the year marchs after American NBA market, march to European mainland again, with armour is start on the west, will wait for Europe in heart armour, meaning armour in succession advertisement puts in in the most top class league matches, will aid financially provide extremely go qualitative China develops toward Europe before young player. This year, besides the investment in league matches of European top class football hind, gram of grand star Er still will be in the Olympic Games is rolled out afterwards " hind Olympic Games " sale mode, strive to provide more window after the Olympic Games to fan of broad China sports.

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