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Exposition of sporting goods of international of HongKong and Macow of the 5th a

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Exposition of sporting goods of international of HongKong and Macow of the 5th another name for Guangdong Province And exposition of sporting goods of international of the 9th Guangdong Invitation letter Showpiece date: 2008Year8Month1Day ~8Month4Day nods showpiece: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center approves an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China supports an unit particularly: Games of the 16th Asia organizes committee assist run an unit: Bureau of Guangzhou city sports sponsors an unit: Guangdong of bureau of civil affairs of Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of center of house equipment equipment saves stadium of province of Guangdong of bureau of Guangdong province sports federation constant and Guangdong of of group limited company save sports of student of province of Guangdong of association of industry of sports of province of Guangdong of of sports center of society of province of Guangdong of bureau of development of sports of Special Administrative Region of Macao of sports science society of sports lottery management center: Guangdong constant and international sports read extensively abstruse international sports popularizes constant of Guangzhou of limited company and of exhibition limited company in Guangdong of of central limited company [exhibition setting] the buildup as Chinese comprehensive strength, beijing Shen Ao is successful 2008, guangzhou is held 2010 Asia Game, activity of fitness of the whole people gets comprehensive promotion. The country already tried sports industry to give aid to energetically and be thrown as a burgeoning industry, predict sports industry will obtain gross domestic product 2010 1.5% the left and right sides. Sports regards the rising sun of 21 centuries as the industry, making Chinese countryman economy a new point of growth. Our country already became world sporting goods to make big country, the sporting goods already made the key product that steps a country to purchase. On August 1, 2008 - 5 days, "Olympic is scientific 2008 congress "(2008 International Convention On Science, education And Medicine In Sport)Will hold ceremoniously in Guangzhou. Current mass rally is by Olympic committee of federation of sports medicine of international sports science and educational board, international, international and international incomplete abstruse meeting 4 international organization(ICC)Hold jointly hand in hand first, it is current of the biggest in international sports science, education and medical domain many course professional congress, its purpose is world division academia elite gathers together, the newest discovery in communicating education of activity of science of the sports in each domain, sports medicine, sports, sports and motion to carry out, experience and progress, transmit this domain newest development information, will turn the whole world into interdisciplinary forum. Congress is held in a week before Beijing Olympic Games kicks off, be the Olympic Games is prelusive. Of Aokehui hold the forward position that lets Guangzhou stand in international sports to develop again, make the central point that the world fixes eyes upon. It is those who cooperate Aokehui to hold, in
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