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Chinas soft power reinforce the sporting goods industry to the future

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The footsteps of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games drawing near, the Games, not only following the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games held in China after a far-reaching international sports event, but also the development of sports history The memory of another milestone, but also the development of China's sports industry into a conflict have witnessed history. We all know, in recent years, rapid development of China's sporting goods industry, the industry has formed the scale of tens of billions of output value, which is the pride of China's sporting goods industry, but also the pride of China's national industry. But as the economy Globalization, we face the competition has begun to gradually from the capital, technology and other hard power to the brand, and cultural transition of soft power competition, and in this respect the Chinese national sports goods industry to the future of any road is still heavy Far. What is soft power? In short, "soft power" is relative in terms of hard power elements of the non-materialized, I think its important components are the following five aspects: First, the ability of reorganization; II capital The ability to maximize the value; third, product innovation capabilities; Fourth, the ability of cultural integration; five, return to society. First, the ability of reorganization. Throughout the industry, the rise of the sports history of the brand, particularly within the sports industry in China, almost all in the face of the sports brands are or have experienced from the family business model to market Severe test of the reorganization. How to deal with this severe test, how to face China and the world sporting goods industry, intense competition, it all depends on reorganization of an enterprise strength capabilities. If it can not complete the business Reorganization of the internal structure of the complete optimization of business management, from both tangible and intangible quality to complete the business transformation, which are the foundation will bring some corporate shake even fatal, so only by Strong ability of the enterprise reorganization, restructuring in the enterprise, when to get new life, to achieve a qualitative leap. Second, the ability to maximize the value of capital. Not mentioned here, including the capital value of tangible and also intangible capital. The channel construction, hardware updates, new industrial investment in physical capital of these are conventional Upgrade, is every business needs to do homework; but I personally think that to maximize the capital value of the enterprise, we also need to look into the company's intangible assets on: enhance the brand; optimize the management structure, Improve the overall management capacity; improve the quality of employees, enhance its service, image, etc.; the same time, minimize the introduction of a fixed asset, assets, current assets to maximize the operation of light to encourage enterprises to go More stable, to go further. Maximize the value of capital will determine the extent to which companies can develop the final form, is the ultimate goal of business. Third, product innovation capabilities. Product is the best businesses and consumers a bridge of communication, it can be said is that the viability of enterprises. Any action a company will eventually be returned to the product body, because the product is real fighting True, there is a root cause of industrial enterprises, any vision can not be separated in order to better products as the basis, otherwise it is light shouting slogans. Only continuous technological innovation, and constantly be in the product Breakthroughs, enhance product strength, can fundamentally improve business viability. As the sporting goods industry's fastest growing brands, from 2003 to 2010, 8 years, 361 ° to achieve a listing in Hong Kong, with annual sales of (2009 3920000000) and the terminal number of stores (as of 2010, the first half of 6927) are among the forefront of the industry in China, which is soft power company always pay attention to their own construction and development are inseparable. In particular, references to the product strength Rose to, 361 ° and gradually increase input in research and development projects may be to form a world-class R & D platform to create based on the global market, with an international vision of R & D team. 2010, located in Guangzhou, Three Six once (Asia) Let Total R & D center was officially launched, to further improve and enrich their own technology chain, build to meet the needs of professional and general consumers, the scientific system of product development system, not just the needs of 361 ° product upgrades To, it is 361 ° membership upgrade power by the product to achieve real value-added products and upgrade the core values of the brand, achieve business viability of the upgrade, but also enhance the international competitiveness of the brand for the Chinese sports goods Industry as well as sports development in Asia contribute to the force. Fourth, the ability of cultural integration. Cultural integration is also a "soft power" is an important factor in the integral. To 361 °, for example, in recent years, the company recruit good talent, hire professional managers with different backgrounds, not only Original culture and the formation of 361 ° collision, but also for the enterprise itself into a more advanced management methods and experience. After a collision of different cultures, adjustments, integration, reengineering, the company then after Qucuqujing So much help and promote the cultural construction of 361 °, and enhance our team cohesion, further reducing the cost of business operations. Integration with great force, force of affinity and compatible corporate culture, not only to consolidate the self- The body of the team, more conducive to absorb more advanced scientific knowledge and used their own experience, and then the development of enterprises play a significant role in promoting! Fifth, return to society. Each is occupied by an enterprise of social resources, businesses have a responsibility to society, and this is the ultimate business development capacity! Ensure that enterprises operating in a benign situation, enterprises need to For the ordered and disordered action to return to the community. Because the enterprise itself is an important part of society, a quest for good business, its digestion of human resources, social stability, particularly in the country vigorously To promote the private economy has become an important economic force today, an excellent energy generated by the enterprise itself with the progress of society and the times corresponding to promote the role of place. This is confirmed taken from the community, giving back to society The argument, if a business Lian This is one of the most basic social responsibility are not, then it out of today's society, then what about the development of it. In short, in order to promote the development of innovation as the core driving force of today, look at the sporting goods industry the past few years the rapid development of enterprises not only relying on physical resources to get business and industry jumped into the "last word" More clearly recognized that soft power building for enterprise development, the nation and the future development of sports goods industry to play a key role in consolidating the road - it has become indispensable to winning the support of elements of the future and stand in the global body Education ranks of sporting goods brands important capabilities!
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