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Starling Li Ning was selected as China and other shoe hundred Sporting Goods

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According to media information reported recently by the China Business Association, the China Research Centre and the brand value "sales and marketing" magazine, co-sponsored "Forum of Chinese sports brand commercial value" in Beijing Wenjin Hotel. It is reported that the introduction of this selection for the 400 business people for business co-operation around the brand and potential investment amount will be formed after the collaborative research the value of the multiplier, its professionalism and credibility in the industry goes without Doubt. At the forum, also released the commercial value of the Chinese sports brand hundred list, BAGE (starling) brand was selected as the commercial value of Chinese sports brand hundred, a hundred selected list of the board the only footwear brand. At the same time Also included into the list of hundred State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Olympic Committee, CCTV-5, Yao Ming, Li Ning, etc., various types of institutions, events and stars. Consider the two standard BAGE (starling) commercial value Hundred commercial value of China's sports brands list to show all brands of its business partners, existing and potential value. In the list, there are many brands we are familiar, such as, CCTV-5, Li Ning, starling , Double Happiness. These brands in the selection process to go through "endogenous brand value" and "brand synergy value" considerations. By the China Brand Research Center for Scientific evaluation shows, BAGE (starling) and synergistic value of the endogenous Value of the two indicators are among the best brands in shoes, and with the brand value of 2.13 billion yuan, becoming the only Chinese sporting goods selected hundred of the board of footwear brands. Experts explained that the concern about the value of the brand, not just limited to the value of the moment, but also concerned about the future value of the brand; not to pay attention to the brand's intrinsic business value, but also concerned about the brand to bring their cooperation Partner business value. In layman's terms, the value of the brand, including product research and development of endogenous capacities and public relations handling. Brand is the brand value of the added value of collaboration, including product category, service, social image and so on. BAGE (starling) as the only winner in the shoes category BAGE (starling) are sports brands in the highest degree of market-oriented layer of sporting goods category. Through market development, the layout of the terminal sales outlets, BAGE (starling) has begun to show its great commercial value. Chong Established twenty years, BAGE (starling) is always committed to the integration of various international fashion trend factor, to create a BAGE (starling) project-specific characteristics, and has become the trend of fashion shoes benchmark. At the same time, BAGE (starling ) Shoes together Liu Qian, Sun Xiao Xiao, the trend of the South and many other stars Hyun Joon, continuously strengthen the brand's communication efforts, enhance brand value. The industry believes that, BAGE (starling) shoes as this campaign was the big winner in the final analysis is that BAGE (starling) shoes for professional, innovative and unique fashion sense. Currently, a number of sports shoes Shoes brand products are involved, simply relying on the production of shoes, and a successful sports brand selected hundred of China lies in BAGE (starling) and innovation. In addition to a family of Chinese shoes, BAGE (starling) in Tide level to actively learn to play cowboy culture, and explore the Chinese market for Blue Ocean cowboy movement. This not only increases the BAGE (starling) product category, but also enriched the BAGE (starling) tidal playing philosophy. Because of continuous improvement, the pioneering spirit of innovation never stop, BAGE (starling) deserved to be the first brand of Chinese shoes.
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