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Multiple factors led to the lions sporting goods manufacturing company in trou

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The traditional textile and garment enterprises involved in sport footwear and rare, the former sports seven wolves, tigers are sports, and later China, including lions fly, MLS, and now the good news of Zhejiang famous brand companies listed on the birds were killed to sportswear Equipment market. According to statistics, the domestic "cross" into the sporting goods market, the textile clothing and footwear brand on the ten, had the smoke of war has increased the sports equipment market on the ten fighting corps. Why should we enter the sporting goods market? "On the one hand, a huge market for sports goods, clothing and footwear than traditional products, sporting goods more easily damaged, replace it even higher." Concerned about the long-term planning sporting goods market, a senior who Fu that. It is understood that in recent years, especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China's growing sporting goods market, including Li Ning, Anta, 361 °, special steps, Olympic and other brands have tasted the sweetness. In 2009, Li Ning's sales even more than the Adidas from Nike (China)'s dominance is only one step away. The special steps, for example, in 2007, 2008, two years, its revenue growth over 100%, respectively - -181% And 111% in 2009, revenue increased by 23.6% in first half of 2010, special steps in the sales exceeded 20 billion yuan, revenue increased by 23%. Throughout Li Ning, Anta, 361 °, Peak, and its increase in sales revenue during the first half of this year were more than 25%, "On the other hand, it is casual wear market, competition, limited number of derivative products." Fu said. In 2008, the good news birds, seven wolves, respectively, year on year sales growth of 100%, 88.7%, respectively, last year, an increase of both slipped to 16.2% and 20.24%, in particular, men's apparel market brand, scale, segmentation of the this Days, the branded apparel business is difficult from a single area of the apparel market to the larger gold mining, so they need to distract and steering. "Lions sporting goods manufacturers will be more difficult situation." Shishi City, the Secretary-General Wang Zhifang Quality and Technical Supervision Association, said that in the last month, "Enterprise on the Road", the number of lions sporting goods manufacturers, director of marketing And planning manager, said not enough money, brand influence and not enough lions sporting goods manufacturers have been very small living space, more importantly, the lions so-called "sporting goods manufacturers," most of the OEM is to help big brands, a small number of independent brands, "Meanwhile, the boss of their own brand awareness of these relatively backward, the lack of ambition to become bigger and stronger." Fang said the industry, because of many factors that exist, lions sporting goods manufacturing companies in trouble.
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