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Footwear enterprises in Jinjiang to life from the sporting goods brands "incarn

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With the sporting goods market, the gradual saturation, many brands are seeking new outlets. Some experts said: "The change in brand and market positioning, the brand really is a good operational strategy. Now, many people think that fashion casual shoes will be a fire, just like the same sports at the time, so have to get involved, but the change In fact, at the same time also means that companies need to re-accumulation of a variety of resources. "in this" turning tide ", the crocodile Wright, commander of love Liberty step is taken a solid first step. Crocodile Wright Group as early as three years ago to do the preparation, this year officially took the brand from sporting goods to the transformation of the way of life. In this regard, crocodile Wright Group President Lim Cheng told reporters that today's crocodiles Wright, whether it is marketing or product, already out of the original professional sports shoes, into the lifestyle brand culture building journey; and love Liberty Shoes Services Limited is also achieved from the end of last year's competitive sports from the professional brand of the street life of the trend of brand positioning is still a perfect transformation. In addition, ACME Plastic Co., Ltd. D. BRADA shoe brand, Mandeng Lin Chong Star Shoes Co., Ltd. Step handsome lifestyle brands such as brand positioning, brand building is the new lifestyle brand of the latest examples. CROSS D. BRADA recent launch ceremony held at the brand worldwide, marking the D. BRADA CROSS footwear brand's officially enter the Chinese market, casual shoes, complete inward foreign trade export from the simple to do ahead of the magnificent transformation of sync. The Man Denglin shoes are made of leather shoe-making process will be to produce casual shoes, casual shoes in order to fill the mid-range products in the market price of the fault, which means "handsome step" will also set foot on Chinese shoes industry "fast fashion "lifestyle brand journey. "At present, a second-tier cities have been surrounded by too many sports brand, handsome temporarily do not want to participate in the race further." Mandeng Lin Wang Xiaofen Shoe Company Ltd., said, indeed, as Wang Xiaofen said, more and more footwear enterprises in Jinjiang feel the heat of sports competition in the market level, the difference of marketing a business killer. In this regard, love shoes Co. Liberty, said marketing director Zhang Jilin, Love Liberty to life, from sporting goods brand is differentiated in order to achieve objectives, marketing differentiation, product differentiation, the new brand building, and thus further broaden the product line, gain greater market space. "Professional sports goods market more narrowly, and the competition is very fierce, and only find their own brand positioning in the market to break a world." Zhang Jilin said. Ding Jinhui, general manager of the ACME, told reporters that market segmentation will become the development trend of the industry, creating fashionable casual lifestyle brand that is the situation requires. "Consumers increasingly high standard of living and consumption habits become more rational, the scientific and technological content of products by consumers will be more and more attention." Ding Jinhui said this, the more thoughts on the CROSS product innovation, not only is the design innovation is the innovative scientific and technological content, and only distinguished from similar products available in the market to whirlwind fashion fad in the market. But in fact, to the life of leisure and sporting goods from the transformation of the way the brand, not all companies choose to completely fall into transition. "We found that those who wear sports shoes, sportswear, young people, in everyday life, even more than the attention of sports entertainment. The reason is simple, the Chinese sports stars are often 'Olympic Year' star, and entertainment stars have been concern young people, the most sustainable. and our marketing strategy itself is sustainable. "del benefits, group vice president in an interview why he said. But Jay Del benefits in cooperation and artists, while also advocating "campaign life." "We add a new marketing strategy of sports resources, is just an extension of homeopathy, which is not contradictory. Deerway marketing target groups has not changed, only in the cultural construction of consumer groups, the connotation is more substantial, a more colorful. "why he said it just shows that benefits of brand marketing at Del deepening, in-depth cultural study again after consumer groups to make choices. This reporter learned that, in order to achieve in the fashion market, the rapid development of casual shoes, ACME is locked personality grade groups, with innovative category segmentation, top fashion brand fusion gene, the introduction of high-tech environment-friendly materials, a breakthrough to find top fashion and balance between leisure experiences to meet growing consumer demand for personalized, creating the brand exclusively D. BRADA grade class. "Only with a strong marketing team, the unique advantages of the different categories of shoes, comfortable and environmentally friendly technology and products to ensure inclusive one, CROSS shoes can get yourself in the leisure market, the consumer groups." Ding Jinhui said. In this regard, handsome step wants to "A single spark can start a prairie fire", "encircling the cities" marketing strategies to expand the new market space. "Our four-tier cities will be the main input to the county as the main market, to launch a new offensive. In the dealer's strategy will also try to promote the 'Distribution System' model to rapidly moving to 18 day cycle, the real 'fast fashion' this meaning. In addition, the commander will use the differences in management steps, including branding, marketing models, product and market differentiation. "Wang Xiaofen that will not only give the dealer with to the convenient supply channels, leaving the risk-free zero inventory dealer situation. This reporter learned that alligators in the original Wright products, based on the quality of life and spirit of the elements of a more precise blend in, so that regardless of crocodile products Wright in the fabric, cut, style, style, technology, etc., have been a completely new baptism and transformation, product prices have made the corresponding span of adjustment and improvement. "As the market demand for public life and the changing attitudes, the development of the brand has long crocodile Wright adjustment. Based on the strong branding, as the enterprise's survival, the requirements of natural products is a top priority." Lim Cheng said.
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