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Cool sports sporting goods store launch of the network spike activity

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December 1 sports network leader in mall cool campaign Web site to celebrate the reload on the line, thank the cool new and old customers and support a love of sport, officially launched the "gold spike" activity, where the spike during the event to participate in users will enjoy low discount merchandise. Zhu Qi Gong Cool Sports CEO, said: "Cool Sports on-line since early this year has been concern by consumers, this host 'gold spike' activities, on the one hand consumers for feedback on the cool sport of love, the other also highlights the full e-commerce online shopping and services in the consumer's advantage. " Price concessions, products rich in The launch of the "spike" and other traditional shopping sites is very different, cool campaign will become a normal spike, from December 1, the day will be divided into several time periods spike. Spike in the price of goods is only the equivalent of a minimum of 1 off the original price. It is understood that the "spike" involving Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, KAPPA, Converse and many other well-known sports brand and type of goods will be rotated each day, choose different types of user products to provide consumers with more choices. Spike simple operation The spike require consumers to register for the cool movement members, then selected their own goods spike in the settlement of the bill to fill orders and delivery information can be. Simplification of operational procedures spike greatly improved efficiency. Payment convenient, safe and secure It is understood that payment cool movement is very flexible and comprehensive website to support cash on delivery, online payment, mobile payment, bank transfer and other payment methods, which will greatly facilitate the consumer's payment is very convenient to use. In addition, the website Paypal, quick money, wealth, Qualcomm, and other leading online payment platform, and aimed for all types of enterprises and individuals to provide safe, convenient and confidential comprehensive electronic payment services to enable payment and account security is very good protection. In addition, a one-month campaign cool crazy Christmas and New Year shopping season has already opened a grand, sweeping year-end goods to explode, have different promotions every day, every day, special meals, if you are famous pilgrims, or you have been unremitting pursue careers in sports fashion, then it should come to feel the cool sports experience Christmas and New Year shopping season of madness, then you should go to more "seconds" a product of their own value!
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