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Division comparing Mvp commemorates T compensate, division comparing Mvp commemo

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After awaiting 12 years, division comparing is in eventually 08 when the first MVP in his life, here 7 draw place combines XXXX to weigh a pound to roll out division comparing 08MVP to celebrate result T-shirt, in order to record this one great hour. This celebrates result T-shirt we are designed with dark aureate for mass-tone, deserve to go up black T-shirt, have fashionable feeling and shock power absolutely!

Product value

Short sleeve T-shirt: 87 yuan /

Express cost unites valence for the whole nation 10 yuan, express is less than an area (like county or remote region) transmit China postal EMS20 yuan

Product ability is qualitative

Use 7Paint brand T-shirt, men's 41 knit combing complete cotton, women's 95 knit card of complete cotton Lai

Male money S: 165-170 M: 170-175 L: 175-180 XL: 180-185 XXL: 185-190 XXXL: 190 above

Female money S: 155-160 M: 160-165 L: 165-170 XL: 170 above

Online buy network address: Http://auction1.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0db1-4b805163ded07a9700346f4a8ce49ef1.jhtml

Net of division comparing Chinese: Http://kobe.nbastar.cn

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