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Be equal to gram hand in hand " Sitankeweiji cup " force aids Chinese basketball

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On July 18 dispatch on July 17, element has " basketball is microcosmic cup " contest of cup of intercontinental basketball championship is in the Sitankeweiji that say make war of land of Hangzhou like a raging fire. In the match of China and Saierweiya, spot atmosphere is very enthusiastic, applause, hurrah gathers together to be full of athletic air of passion into. And a marked gram billboard inside competition ground, also drew the look of broad fan, the athletic brand that believes them to also go to China to can be pleasant to the eye in international basketball game feels pride and proud. "Cup of intercontinental basketball championship surpasses Sitankeweiji " also be one of Chinese male goal is the mainest warm up opportunities before the Olympic Games, caused the high attention of social all circles. Sponsor to the 4th " cup of intercontinental basketball championship surpasses Sitankeweiji " be equal to gram group, also will borrow machine launch sports sale, force aids Chinese basketball to fly Olympic Games.

As we have learned, "Cup of intercontinental basketball championship surpasses Sitankeweiji " it is an international that sponsors by international basket couplet not only match of top class basketball, more important it is permanent in the world that China holds the basketball of top class, Gao Shuiping is surpassed thing. Bencibi surpasses hold distance Beijing Olympic Games only more than days 20, battle array of Olympic Games of group of nation of Chinese male basket will appear first, the Yao Ming of center of rocket group main force that because hurt absent NBA,surpasses after season, the young general of harden oneself of a sports season builds experience NBA easily couplet, the Wang Zhi that still has recursive CBA ground mosts, their fighting capacity after all how, be sure to make the central point that all compatriots pays close attention to strongly. The match will achieve tremendous eyeball effect undoubtedly, this is overcome to sponsorring Fang Pi for, it is rare opportunity, however compared with these, be equal to the development that what the gram values more is Chinese basketball however.

Be equal to Xu Zhihua shows gram group general manager, can sponsor this one match, the company feels up and down be honoured very, we hope Chinese male basket passes the warm up before the Olympic Games, new breakthrough is obtained on Olympic Games competition ground. And July is us the basketball culture month of a gram, we also prepare the 2nd in actively a gram basketball Cultural Festival, believe us be equal to the gram will bring fan people more and wonderful world basketball regale, concede points is confused people one feast one's eyes on.

And in the memory in numerous fan and consumer, be equal to the gram had been become apparently " basketball expert " pronominal. Because,this is from be equal to the sun that the gram is born rises, its are decision-making layer made the decision that develops in all with Chinese basketball career. In addition, be equal to the development that the gram promotes world basketball enterprise actively still. Since starting brand internationalization strategy 5 years, be equal to the gram becomes home to be formed solely with NBA not only " official market partner " athletic brand, also make the first Chinese motion brand that enters NBA competition ground. Be equal to overcome what basketball equips to specialization also obtained approbate domestic and internationally, show according to findings report, be equal to the first when the gram acquired share of market of equipment of basketball of 07 year home, its are own research and development " be equal to technology of shake of delay of gram PKrocket3 class " , apply at " Badier " in shoe of series major basketball, obtained Ba Di him Er not only approbate, become what China enters NBA competition ground the first pair to move by China brand business is own the basketball shoe of research and development, more attracted numerous NBA star to pay close attention to extensively, wrestle got local medium reputably. These are right a best proof that captures basketball expert image.
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