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NBA brand shop opens two in Beijing

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On July 16, 2008. Association of basketball of profession of Beijing – United States (NBA) announces afterwards will open alive trade on July 15 today after day rank opens the first NBA to specialize in inn, alliance general in Xin Dongan on July 19 5 buildings inn opens the 2nd to specialize in inn again. This is to be beyond the United States open NBA retailing shop first,

Two inn are covered an area of in all 300 smooth rice, decorate inspiration to come from at American new York NBA of the 5th highway specializes in inn, interior decorates contemporary feeling dye-in-the-wood, NBA is seen everywhere inside inn the mate placard of the most popular player.

"Can hold in 2008 Olympic Games before, in sponsor urban Beijing to open NBA brand shop to make us very excited. We hope these two inn can pull the distance of close NBA and fan, let while they are enjoying shopping fun, understand the basketball culture of NBA more, supportive China basketball moves. " Mr Chen Yongzheng expresses NBA China presiding apparitor: Star of Ban of clam of  of live abroad of pa discharge  stretchs tight the operation result of these two inn and market feedback will give? of  of ≈ of humorous of dumb fertilizer of the  austral Φ us provide rich experience, help NBA future is in China greater progress. Help NBA future is in China greater progress..

The assemble inside inn nearly 400 kinds of concessionary management commodity below NBA banner, include China and group of American country basketball among them the team during current Olympic Games is taken, each the product of edition of set limit to that NBA player signs, team polo shirt, motion deserves to act the role of, children clothing, shoe and player of a variety of NBA souvenirs and star. Fan still can buy Yi Jianlian to be in the new polo shirt of network group.

Shop to let fan be in while gain more interactive experiences to NBA culture, the set a series of innovation concepts and sophisticated science and technology meticulously interactive area inside inn. In " EA report plays " the; of dynamoelectric game of NBA Live 08 with area newest experience is in " than height " area and endearment Yao Ming, division comparing, Ai Fusen one relatively height. All deserve to have inside two inn exceed big TV screen to broadcast NBA match elite to answer put.

All precious jade the group will regard world trade day as rank inn retail operation business participates in operation. Treasure gets the better of international (accuse) the operation management that the company is in charge of Xin Dongan inn. This also is NBA first with brand shop of NBA of partner joint management.

All precious jade group CEO Mr Huang Hui thinks: "With NBA collaboration opens NBA brand shop in Beijing is climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people completely. The Olympic Games is in China hold the mania of consumer of meeting stimulative China to sports product, the success that all preciouses jade to add NBA to let us be in China to NBA brand shop in the influence in Chinese fan in the experience of Chinese retail trade has hope more. The success that all preciouses jade to add NBA to let us be in China to NBA brand shop in the influence in Chinese fan in the experience of Chinese retail trade has hope more..
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