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Kappa joins in condition

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1:KDoes APPA company join in how much cost is?

2: How much be if? of そ of V of  of gem suddenly Ping is like need?

3: The design style that whether KAPPA company offers brand shop, decorate, or design, negative

Duty publicize the job, charge to place?

4: The conduct propaganda inside inn, the clothes tree, pants wearing, bag that pack, offer whether freely?

5: Means of replenish onr's stock, purchase price, exchange goods rate, can you drift machine rate?

6: If after practice, you provide what assistance. How many money does first replenish onr's stock need?

7: How much is forehead of replenish onr's stock of every months of lowest?

8: How much is stock discount?

9: A few times to have every year order goods meeting?

10: Does filling goods have assure?

11: System of money of exchange a purchase how?

12: Is exchange goods rate what kind of? Change garments according to the season when whether can 100% exchange goods?

13: Does the whole nation unite price? Is change garments according to the season hit fold? Means distributing money how?

14: Prefectural class area whether join in

15: How much to always invest


KAPPA China headquarters

Address: Street of north of Jing Yuan of Beijing economy developing zone 2 21 buildings

Postcode: 100176

Phone: 010-67821388

Fax: 010-67856598

Contact: Downstage

Electric mail: Zhangyuan@dxsport.com.cn

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