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Join in the brand is concessionary 38 management interlocution

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1, product or this service are in go 3 years, the demand of the market or whether to accept degree to increase significantly?

Answer: Did not increase significantly, a few addition, a large number of addition. If the demand on past market increases significantly when, express to still should be in growing phase at present, and the market grows deny, it is the absolutely and main index that decides foreground of this group course of study. When market demand increases in great quantities, right the person that join in is most advantageous

2, join in headquarters or it is other orgnaization (like all sorts of association or governmental unit) , to future the estimation of 3 years of this products or service. (Opposite at at present demand)

Answer: A few growing (10% the following) in the quantity grows (11%-50%) grows in great quantities (50% above) . Besides the record of past demand, by each orgnaization or it is to join in headquarters grows to prospective market forecast, it is index of another industry foreground, what must notice is, the unit that weaves this is occupied, must be referenced boom of data of concerned vital statistics, government is forecasted or other setting data and those who forecast, and the view that be not is without foundation conjecture, one's own wishful thinking only

3, which phase the lifecycle of concessionary brand and this product is in?

Answer: Innovation period, into long-term, autumn, winter. What product lifecycle points to is product life course, if colleague is unripe general, be in the product of innovation period, its manage a risk to taller; becomes long-term and optimal; and step the product of autumn, must cooperate more marketing activity to make its provide product of winter of competition ability; to be able to not grant completely to consider relatively

4, the main consumption of this product or service group (cause client) area of set up shop is booked in place inside, the percentage that holds total population about why?

Answer: 10% the following, 21%-50% , 51% above are opened join in inn does business inside area, cause client group amount, join in the decision inn turnover, but must hold proportion of how many population only then for advantageous, criterion each are not identical, because must be inspected,join in inn type, buy model voice (if repeat,buy frequency) with buy an amount and decide

5, this product or service whether the first time development comes out (brand-new product) , is or improved from old is there a product?

Answer: Brand-new product, old have a product the improved, product that already existed formerly. What what product otherness wants to convey is, whether is the product had more special sell dot or advantageous property, product otherness heals tall, heal can dash forward show this to join in inn characteristic, draw consumptive crowd. Generally speaking, if be brand-new,development gives the product that come, criterion the otherness of its product and uniqueness normally taller
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