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Dress brand joins in the matter that must want to notice

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1, brand market fixed position

Choosing join in brand at the beginning of, the costume market that should be in a city to oneself above all becomes certain knowledge, especially the circumstance of person of the same trade that business of your shop periphery encircles, want to accomplish the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in the heart.

If you are in the consumption level of the area to still cannot develop with economy,area photograph is compared, so if the dress; that you cannot introduce higher-priced blindly easily is connecting the recreational outfit brand that opened very much home all round your shop, competition is particularly intense, so you can stagger scope of operations, the target the lock is surely on fair maiden outfit or professional clothing, the effect is met certainly better; or the female outfit that local consumer favores producing area to be in Shanghai, do not like Guangdong to produce, so you are OK and preferential the consideration joins in the brand of Shanghai... made clear these problems, will decide to join in according to these circumstances of the brand locate roughly, again ground of have a definite object in view is searched join in brand, ability get twice the result with half the effort, raise successful rate.

Before you decide the brand that join in, the answer of the following problem you must in the heart special clarity:

Do you hope to join in men's clothing, female outfit still is childen's garments brand?

The product value that place can accept brings range

Is the brand style that you hope to join in professional clothing or recreational outfit, fair maiden outfit?

Is local consumer bought in dress on a preference is there?

Do you plan how to many amount invest?

It is certain that at that time your target brand limits had narrowed degree, the possibility had arisen a few to await chosen brand, next you are OK again the project that the basis mentions at the back of us will undertake filtration.

2, the product is welcome degree

Dress is special commodity, its buy depend on completely consumer is right of commodity like rate. because such, the public praise that the brand clothing that you want to join in is in place is good, the degree with welcome product how, it is the element that need inspects mainly.

This can divide a respect to make an on-the-spot investigation. Above all, the welcome degree that this brand is in countrywide various places how? The position between consumer memory how? You can ask for your to brand company directly before sale data, also can understand from flank, be in the sale status that understands it by the bazaar, agent that has managed this brand.

Next, according to the fixed position of this brand and product style, how many proportional person is there to you can have fun at to this product probably in place buy? The cause client that will judge you from this group the number is enough.
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