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"Sale is popularized " with " youth look for a partner in marriage "

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Say sale is popularized, a lot of people feel should be very professional thing, but, to how look for a partner in marriage, everybody finds a sense very easily it seems that, so both between is there connection? Actually both the place that has a lot of likeness, it is to want the product (service) promote a target to consume a group to accept (look for a partner in marriage promotes him namely) . Article author wants to be united in wedlock " how does the youth seek a target " the issue among daily life comes this kind of people say the specific application that says sale promotion.

In sale promotion theory, have a very economic theory, namely " AIDA " consumer response model, the main customer that say arrange in order buys a product to need to pass " attention: Advert " , " interest: Interest " , " desire: Desire " , " the action: Action " 4 level ability is quite successful, and the whole process that the youth seeks a target successfully also should experience these a few level actually, below, author grading gives everybody the explanation.

Attention: Advert

Encounter when the youth admire long already object in the heart, want above all for certain the attention that method causes the other side, the method can be appearance special, action sound is special, special can be in to target object etc the vision perhaps produces percussive on hearing all sorts of means, cause attention of the other side, only such, just the opportunity lets the other side accept you miss acceptance message, understand your situation, the in noting the procedure in whole pursuit value that causes the other side is once young the people that pass is very clear for certain.

When sale is popularized, we face a target to consume a group, face just like the youth admire long already object in the heart, can use advertisement, public relations, terminal to reveal, the attention of the product that the vision such as large spot activity and aural percussive measure cause target group to want to sell to us, the product that only target consumer attention wants to popularize to us (perhaps serve) , we just have opportunity general product (perhaps serve) the transmission with pertinent information effective transmission gives a target the target, how taking the measure side that causes a target to consume a group to pay close attention to of course, the front and negative OK, but sum minute of action to assure to give to his brand, sensible sale personnel always can use the front to add minute of movement to accomplish this.

Interest: Interest

After the attention that causes target object, next things should make the other side generates interest namely, have good appearance to wanting to be about for the person of look for a partner in marriage so, good behavior, let target object not be fed up with you, strive for the chance that can get immediateness the other side, so that reveal oneself adequately before the other side, and should search the topic that the other side is interested in as far as possible, develop bilateral common interest. Of course this should have the mind that hits out actively, encounter reject not to abandon casually, should have tired the spirit that beats tired battle is waited a moment. Should as far as possible oneself immanent show as far as possible before target object with external dominant position, should as far as possible let the other side feel bilateral interest agree with each other, ideal close is waited a moment, make the other side generates interest to oneself.
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