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Temptation of discount of dress famous brand has how old

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Master of sale of brand of dress of first place of domestic dress advisory field, dress joins in business orders goods famous coach expert of expert, dress brand plan, village auspicious brand all the year round MGB of fir of strategic adviser, fir all the year round advisory, love is retail groom advisory expert.

Adviser of forward position of Xu Bin Beijing is presiding administration expert, senior groom instructor

Hou Weimin 9 continent partner of firm of distant view investment, general manager

Tsinghua university is industrial and commercial manage a Master (MBA) . In company strategy, commerce program, dress lives in the respect such as investment of sale of brand operation management, market, financing to have rich government experience and advisory experience.

■ setting is answered put

2002, beijing swallow Shaaotelaisi shopping centers practice, commercial pattern is in be current Yu Ou's beautiful Aotelaisi formally Chinese be born. 2003, many Aotelaisi grabs beach Shanghai. 2004, spain enlighten inferior professional discount store enters Beijing. 2005, nanjing greets the first pioneer Aotelaisi. 2006, shanghai dress city hits a catchword;2007 that does China's biggest Aotelaisi year on November 28, zhengzhou Yaxingaotelaisi shops square is formal practice;12 month 10 days, first Aotelaisi is in Wuhan month of;12 of settle of area of Wuhan city yellow Bei 15 days, beijing swallow Shaaotelaisi 2 period project building practice. Meanwhile, a batch of Aotelaisi are in in build or plan in, 2007 like fir fir group the end of the year announces, will march in the round with the form of joint-stock, collaboration Aotelaisi industry condition, in layout of countrywide each district 20 many Aotelaisi...

The Aotelaisi of traceable United States develops quickly after entering China 2002 rise, wait for a city from Beijing, Shanghai gradually to other area outspread. Regard a kind of of domestic retail trade burgeoning course of study as voice, its developed foreground to get the wide attention of industry.

Dialog 1 what is meant by " Aotelaisi "

Compere: Be in as Aotelaisi of home warm up, people is cast to its with more attention. And the understanding of a lot of people to Aotelaisi, still stay at " famous brand discount " the level, how should understand Aotelaisi after all so?

Hou Weimin: Aotelaisi is the transliteration of English OUTLETS, meaning for outlet, exit, be born the earliest at the United States, heretofore already had the history of nearly hundred years. In society of Euramerican and contemporary commerce, aotelaisi is form of most popular line of business of a kind of business, through 100 old development, aotelaisi industry condition already sold shopping center continuously by pure in the past factory, change is commodity factory, brand jobber of agent of possessory, brand, brand is inn of large general merchandise even participate in jointly, the recreational shopping centers with all ready function. Form of this kind of retail trade is to let brand consumer can spend low to buy those to turn from high-grade brand shop or bazaar of the famous brand commodity that give next wearing commodity, commodity passing s surname and the commodity that break a code.
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