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The sale besides sale

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" public praise builds Wii " , it is reporter of economic observation newspaper go out in the print on classics view " public relations press release " , 5 words quote is chosen, without exception because of with " the abdomen that the heart of public relations spends a reporter " judgement is such. But what this manuscript won't watch consciousness because of giving priority to is qualitative and change it " public relations " colour, this is the most conspicuous " business uses value " , also mix in a lot of children mom and read the most likely when coming here to the father of article are known or know Wii afresh, built a money and the bridge that commodity exchanges.

"Mom and sport plane all along are two nouns that extreme misery nots allow " . Article none him avoid mentioning of the wording and purpose of what one writes " product " characteristic, did not add any colorring with retrace " land " newspaper end. What should he write? In editor and public relations insight of the PK that keep a hand and the setting of level drill a knife fall, he justs to shine sword, tell all readers he wants what to write. But read you to just understand only, he will be used how a kind euphemistic with address calligraphy or drawing, those who finish pair of product itself is additional kind unscramble. Sale---Forever the concept of general world sex over park product, such by him adept operate under the concept in Wii product

When you read this article, the possibility that the identity that you regard public relations as person and new well-known figure wants assimilate to to be mercantile standing is little much;

After reading this case, the time that you buy Wii to try skill also should be compared imitate among them the cycle of sale art is short much.

So, this draft gained the first: The target suffers numerous essence to hold definitely. What Wii should persuade is the mom that the palm controls child right of property, the control that this article should argue accuses the father of whole family right of property.

The sale besides sale, below the effectiveness of manuscript of this public relations, double reached!

Of the manuscript " bare " was in the 2nd paragraph to had achieved perfection, "Unexpectedly " allege avowedly: Let us experience the glamour of Wii first! Enough, to here, make a bit add go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of word of a few go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married sentence the authentic soft advertisement that is a hundreds of words. Do you want to play Wii? I do not think... because come off work only,ability plays. Ah.

Super mom general mobilization, in the United States this marketing tactics is used excessive on domain, holding the post of heaven to need some is courage not merely, however patient. The impel power that he needs leader of public opinion of have the aid of and infect force, "Public praise is formed to travel in each small circle of people " , public opinion cacique produced effect eventually, "These ' exceed Mom ' people Hollywood of the westerly before inviting 35 housewife friend each the Xiatemengte of the most negative great reputation hotel (ChateauMarmontHotel) , undertake first-hand Wii game experiences " . Then is passed like the underground of fashionable China like selling, public opinion cacique took duplicate power the medium city besides new York. This is a sale echelon formation that shows geometrical multiple to be added suddenly, become from now on do not have with Wii any consanguineous the faithful peddler that concerns with employ.
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