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What the brand succeeds is secret

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What is just the critical factor that builds a successful brand? Regular meeting emerges instantly in your head give two speeches: Time, money.

General and Coke Cola, electric, run quickly, Dishini... what the years that the old brand of countless successes appears to using a many their century proves to us the brand is built is endless and costly, even the famousest advertisement Great Master on the author of abstruse beauty, world -- David? Aogewei once also had said when famous speech: "Every advertisement is the long-term investment to some brand. " -- fact if it is so?

Right, accumulate for a long time can build a brand really. But the understanding of a lot of people is gotten into insignificant problem however -- namely the brand is certainly by the child of a large number of money and time load one's writing with fancy phrases (the huge advertisement outlay from them can see, not hesitate to advertise with loan even) .

Very feel sorry, in fact the enterprise of Chinese great majority can be not done so, at least a lot of people still do not have such requirement, huge advertisement outlay and sales revenue do not can be found everywhere into the enterprise of direct ratio, to these enterprises, such brand builds a method to be able to take away their profit only.

And, if the fact is really such, that is meant should have enough money and time only you can own successful brand certainly, -- be known like you, this hypothesis has been overthrown by merciless fact apparently, countless once weighed gold to make, extremely red temporarily name is like the fall from the sky like the shooting star, be very sorry, the world is brutal.

The place before be like is narrated, the world is going, the environment is changing, those who transmit configuration and consumer is ideological be in producing a change at any time. Yahoo, Baidu waits a brand a moment to be able to be in short-term in thorough popular feeling, a lot of new companies that returned without attracting public attention yesterday also can be in the old brand; that develops world-class between one night miracle of widely known, creation, beside us similar example too numerous to mention one by one, the rise of these brands appears and do not have yielding at " time money " the rule, why?

The truth that I should tell your concerned brand is:

The success of great brand is crucial -- do not depend on absolutely the load one's writing with fancy phrases of time and money, and depended on drafting the brand regulation that is helpful for oneself actively.

Doing not have a product is perfect, although ideal least of all product, also having the most perfect point of view certainly. Be a kind of such judgement regulation that build elaboratively, actively by the enterprise, the thinking that just formed a brand is decided situation, just made the world brand of so much all-powerful, this is -- the brand is regular!

Brand regulation, this is us a lot of company place do not have, also be From EMKT of a lot of Chinese company sale. Com. The crucial point that Cn fails is in. One does not have regular brand, do not have the soul!
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