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"Be equal to gram (PEAK) motion " , join in agreement of business, agent

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One, brand shop is managed year period

From ____ year day of ____ month ____ comes ____ year day of ____ month ____ stops, agreement by a definite date two years

2, brand shop management address and area

Be located in date of ____ of street of ____ city ____ , the area is ____ square metre about. Agree to must not change brand shop address without Party A.

3, enter goods

Brand shop goods provides by Party A entirely. Both sides talks things over jointly before brand shop practice with Party B of the smallest basic number admeasure, in order to assure the figure with all ready breed of Party B brand shop, particular numerical value is ____ . The Party B after practice can be chased after to Party A order kinds or types of goods. 3 days of indrawn Party A after Party B is ordering goods are handed in order goods the 50% subscription ability of amount gets assuring into goods, will not assure to offer money measure otherwise.

4, retail price

The retail price of Party B brand shop is total by Party A protocol.

1. the put on sale inside the price limits of the 100%-120% that Party B of valence kinds or types of goods can reflect retail price of protocol of Party A place according to local market level.

2. Special offer popularizes the retail price put on sale that Party B of kinds or types of goods must regulate according to Party A.

3. Depreciation of season remaining part estimates range of depreciation of write one's own ticket according to brand shop goods in stock by Party B.

4. The brand shop that if city of place of Party B brand shop has two occasional above,runs by different company its retail price and extent of season end depreciation unite delimit by Party A entirely.

5. In principle can retail, if cent is sold,must sign up for Party A approval with written form.

5, enter commodity price

valence kinds or types of goods stipulates according to Party A retail price ___ is folded, promotion product and special offer kinds or types of goods stipulate according to Party A retail price is folded.

6, payment for goods pays

The kinds or types of goods that decides oneself by the basic number of brand shop of Party A admeasure or Party B no matter, every time the Party B before shipment must pay with the form of cash or bill of exchange ministry of Party A finance affairs, party A is in after getting a money, the arrangement inside two days delivers goods Party B.

The Party B after once sign this agreement must hand in 10 thousand yuan to give Party A, with Yu Jia Fang Daiyi just prepares what brand shop decorates stock to use, after brand shop is decorated, return by how again fill less settle accounts answers Party B.

7, kinds or types of goods is carried

Party A is assumed by Party B to brand shop freight and insurance premium.

8, exchange goods and return money:

1. Party B belongs to " in presence of product of sale Party A the quality problem inside limits of 3 packets of " , can offer exchange a purchase to Party A.
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