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Be equal to of the gram join in condition

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  •Of the idea newer

The client wants to join in a gram chain management system, what must have an idea above all is newer. Agency must manage idea of the management mode in the system, client, service idea to try to agree with to chain, hold as collective as chain management system viewpoint of value.

Join in a gram chain management system must according to be equal to the uniform requirement of the gram undertakes the vision identifies a system transform.

Join in a gram chain management system must be subject to the unity of a gram group offers money.

   •Obedient and centralized management

Chain manages a system to ask its member is managed according to uniform standard and regulation, provide necessary information and data to interlink the management of the enterprise. Safeguard a gram to interlink the unified figure of management system, unified business manages, the assessment of uniform standard optimizes the job, the market strategy that cooperates actively to interlink management system acts.

   •From already check

Time: 2 years the sporting goods of above manages experience or 5 years of above be in business experience management outstanding achievement is good.

   •Financial ability and financial condition circumstance

Financial: Have basic financial management technical ability.

Asset: 300 thousand yuan of above, its midstream uses fund 100 thousand yuan of above.

Beautiful of financial condition circumstance, did not produce event of baleful refuse payment.

   •Management place

Join in inn is located in the area with main business street line or concentrated school of old middle school to manage an area actually not under 40 square metre, give priority to; with shop of double the standard width of a room in an old-style house

  •Operator is integrated quality

Ability of record of formal schooling, professional, human association, expression, organization capacity is right located market environment, enterprise runs state hold etc.

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