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How to join in do laugh at a toy to interlink inn

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You are killed, must pull me to go shopping, the result allows my spend money 200 multivariate, this month wants tighten pants waist band again. This month wants tighten pants waist band again..

"You still say, I just call you to ramble, but you must buy these toys, still buy so much, regretted now, but had had not enough time. But had had not enough time..

Had had not enough time really, what these two girls that the student feels kind say no less than in that way, all from " Xi breaths out E a group of things with common features " make the sense after laughing at toyshop to come out to come home. Held this kind of mentality of the youth namely, young toy has started a big market. Additionally Xi breaths out E a group of things with common features to do laugh at toy sale to be in with the mode of chain the power that the whole nation shows its market in big city each.

Do laugh at a toy to make big market

Do laugh at a toy, this new name, to the Chinese 4 years ago, everybody did not take a fancy to its market potential. But arrived nowadays, we must are such a few play meaning place smally to admire, he brought the market of how many for us.

Do the consumption that laughs at a toy the group is vast, young toy lets everybody release happy mood, do laugh at complex to allow everybody help sb generously with money, and the pioneer that the youth is fashionable life more, they take ego seriously, carve individual character, enjoy the life, attention lives " detail " , acumen holds tide trends. Statistic makes clear, the fashionable toy of 65% is consumed by the person place under 22 one full year of life! Their consumptive behavior presents a the following and outstanding feature:

Impulse buy: The person that the youth has course vogue store rarely and do not enter more never mention it do laugh at toyshop, the youth enters fashionable Xi to breath out E a group of things with common features to do laugh at toyshop to always seek a ground to oneself: "See these small shop, often went in in spite of oneself, no matter buy,do not buy, had wanted eye addiction. " but face these designs novel sort is various each toy is full of droll, your person laughs at the toy of broken belly, forgot " ramble " , " had passed eye strong interest " original intention, control oneself desire to buy very hard. This made all-time and vast purchasing power!

Tide type buys: Vogue from appear to form tide, open the wallet of countless people. Because of to them character, be short of fashionably break mean individual character is short of with what savour break, they are flagrant " the person is new I am old " . Tide type is bought be sure to bring the money like tide.

Consumption is more frequent: Vogue and do laugh, those who design a concept is newer, buy often sure let Xi breath out E a group of things with common features to do laugh at a toy to specialize in billow of store source of revenue!

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