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Wen Zhou sporting goods joins in the brand gives campaign with fashionable dress

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Going to Shanghai before limited company of golden pheasant things is interviewed, I once had pondered over a such problems for many times, to brand of the motion in numerous development, how can you just find suit from already does poor dissimilation develop way? During interviewing rich of advance river shoe to meet, with the encountering of Wang Gui of president of golden pheasant company, the settlement that is this problem offerred an outlet.

Everybody knows, jin Jiang is the section that brand of an athletic sports focuses relatively, living here countless be in development to rise period medium athletic brand enterprise, limited company of sporting goods of Shanghai golden pheasant is among them one of.

Because of self-confidence so hopeful

Limited company of sporting goods of Shanghai golden pheasant is the new company that just established 2005, the first important matter after the company holds water is high-key the sports fair that played to was held in Chengdu December 2006, no matter be products plan,that ginseng is exhibited or exhibit originality, with one action established brand style and atmospheric course, leave deep impression to people.

Be in charge of what product of clothing of golden pheasant sports operates is Mr Wanggui. The contact with Wang Gui is optional and relaxed. He is a knowledge the broad and profound, person that having original opinion to sports clothing. Founding before golden pheasant, he had been engaged in ten years waiting for relevant job with sports clothing design, sale, and original, he is a teacher of Beijing sports university however.

Wanggui says frankly, in that paragraph of life that contacts cheek by jowl with the university, he generated strong interest to sports clothing, he ever participated in the design of sports clothing to work for many times, and finally, this kind of interest became his transition to accomplish actually up to now profession. During the school, he consults, studied much domestic and international newest data, formed a lot of distinctive and fashionable design concepts, and these become him to make golden pheasant successfully now must element.

Look in Wang Gui, sprotswear should be not satisfied at its functional sex merely, and its also should get highlighting as another character of dress, that is fashionable sex. Athletic fashionable dress is he is from already product place makes best explanatory note.

Say objectively, this kind of concept is not his original creation, in the world, had had a lot of brands having similar attempt, but, wang Gui thinks, his effort should let namely from already the brand can achieve best progress in China.

"It is very important to do brand style to decide, our purpose differs dissimilation to locate namely, highlight our characteristic with athletic fashionable dress, want us only firm objective, do not lose way, I think, this kind of fixed position can be obtained. " how many is athletic industry of Jin Jiang has in coessential competition? Entrepreneur of a lot of far-sighted is seeking the means of the breakthrough. To the company that a few have actual strength, innovation of science and technology becomes the breach of their choice, and Wang Gui already sought another way however.
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