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The thing that joins in monopolistic need notices brand dress

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Dress interlinks monopolistic mode to already became the pattern of a kind of mainstream that current brand dress sells. Be in brand lifecycle all sorts of dress brands of different level have different characteristic, join in business mights as well evaluate its advantage and inferior position cautiously, look before you leap. Dress is strong brand

This kind of brand is managed on home or international market old, the trademark is well-known spend and acknowledge is spent very tall, complete image was built in consumer memory, the market is had rate is higher and stable.

Advantage: Have rich brand to run experience, control capacity to product and terminal palm very strong, concessionary system already very perfect. To joining in business, the other side can provide enough concessionary support, include product research and development, sell a design, commodity to display, customer government is waited a moment.

Defect: Join in the threshold is higher, join in cost at every turn hundred thousands of yuan, the profit space of only fund goods is less. More of this kind of native land and strong brand puts energy in the brand to safeguard, take the position of straight battalion inn seriously relatively, and be too busy attend to joins in business manages. Accordingly, terminal joins in business often can complain, good those who sell do not take money when season commodity, bad to sell design becomes stock. The brand of ascendant period

This kind of brand often carries out his inside countrywide area concessionary system, large-scale put in planar advertisement, publicize its brand and its sale network, attract individual operator to join in.

Advantage: It is certain to had been obtained in the market famous degree, some product obtained better result on the market of its fractionize, join in the doorsill also compares strong brand low, corresponding kinds or types of goods is buckled rate is inferior also, the profit space of only fund kinds or types of goods is larger.

Defect: Majority of this kind of brand is to produce treatment transition to make a brand, its have very big chance successfully, be deficient in long-term brand strategy, brand image is not fixed still, stable brand image had be notted fashion in consumer heart. Devoid terminal is retail management runs experience, although have the sale network that comparative, but diversity is resembled in form of each district storefront bigger. Once do,make overflow more, major finally loss can be pressed in join in on trade body. Just entered the brand of the market

Operator of this kind of brand is the business that pursues dress treatment or brand formerly managing more, after market fractionize, find reasonable fixed position, expect to be able to divide a cup of a thick soup in the market.

Advantage: This kind of enterprise has dress more or less kind the experience of some domain. Its join in the doorsill is inferior, some is avoided even join in cost, buckle lead general meeting to be in 5 fold the following, profit space is larger.
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