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Concessionary join in sale train of thought

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Editor's note to concessionary join in a variety of detail problems in the process, this period handler sale forum will continue to discuss. 3 compere this period two come on the stage, they can are opposite with respect to lag of resource of jewelry industry labor power concessionary join in the progress of mode comes into being negative effect, integrated sale and the leader of an alliance how join in business serves etc topical did discuss wonderfully. Mix in the light of brand business especially join in the concern issue of business, chen Hanyi makes a figure of speech with the relation of teacher and student, put forward brand business to want the viewpoint; that joins in business is fostered into one continuous line of undergraduate, service from a pupil Zhao Dong to make a figure of speech with the relation of father and child, he thinks brand business wants to caress join in business, should go with love penitentiary join in business, such ability double win. Their two center no more than that want expression are brand business always should be opposite join in business retains a kind of sense of responsibility, always carry the idea that to join in business serves.

The current situation of lag of resource of jewelry industry labor power, right concessionary join in the progress of mode can produce negative effect undoubtedly

Chen Hanyi: Actually, concessionary those who join in chain manages mode move to operator (namely brand hold person) hold dish of quality integratedly the demand is very high, and the person that the management of the of all kinds medium, small-sized company that the brand joins in is begun in reality, majority does not have such integrated quality. The integrated quality that stresses here is to point to market survey, strategy the ability that service of plan of control of research and development of resource of program, manpower, product, production management, quality, sale, sale, content shedding commands this 9 respects. In light of the angle that contrasts from large trade, jewelry industry wait for pillar industry from the integrated quality of personnel of course of study and IT, landed, communication, finance go up in integrated quality from personnel of course of study have very apparent difference. The gem property that a high speed develops, facing crisis of quite severe sale manpower resource. Have especially outstanding the talent of executive force can say in the market is hoard as a rare commodity.

Good concessionary join in project, need what plan and originality; undertake finally is a program prepare and rolling out; next to carry out above all with monitoring. Participating in concessionary in the whole process that join in, no matter be the leader of an alliance or the contemporary sale concept that join in business needs establish to make clear and operation skill. But, very much now participate in concessionary join in the boss in the industry or professional handler, in concessionary join in theory and the learn and accumulate time that practice a respect are very limited, did not form those who fit a business, effective and whole management system.
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