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Sporting goods shopkeeper is integrated whether fusion goes abroad beautiful

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Treasure gets the better of auspicious (YYSPORT of brand channel inn is gotten the better of) begin to become north especially Beijing sporting goods needs retailly the road of classics, be about to appear on the market in the hearsay inside course of study; and the right of administration that the tendercy of China of channel company; that how sporting goods company stepped to sell brand of motion of him representative international obtained KAPPA to be in Japan, bought Japanese Phenix brand... the message is transmitted then, blowing the Olympic Games wind 2008, undercurrent of market of channel of Chinese sporting goods is billowy. After Olympic Games times, whether can sporting goods channel also is like in those days home appliance market, of occurrence sporting goods " is the country beautiful " , " Su Ning " ?

Market extruding is serious: When channel conformity is undertaking

"From last year second half of the year arrives now, I discover, every have much home bar to make the sports clothing dress that fold in the sale to a bazaar, same even a brand can appear in in a bazaar more than an area on. " it how is Miss Li also done is not clear how is Miss Li also done they are what relations.

"Completely market competition causes this. " the Chinese tendercy that handles Kappa brand (group) Qin Dazhong of limited company CEO analysed to the reporter at present the channel of market of Chinese sporting goods changes bureau: "What use like the brand of a few international such as Adidasi is national client system, same the place has several agency, such operations can strengthen brand business the bargain ability to shopkeeper, achieve let the purpose that competes each other between agency. Make an example, if market demand is 100, the sole agent is accomplished only likely 90% , and below much client system, every agency thinks to brand business the ability of project oneself, accordingly this market was accomplished 120% , come out more that 20% , rely on to hit fold wait for method implementation. Fall in the circumstance with market unusually intense competition especially, the pressure of channel is very great, this causes the mutual competition between agency to hit fold. This causes the mutual competition between agency to hit fold..

And although competition is such intense, also did not hold off the contention that agency acts as agent to old brand channel.

With respect to the instantly that interviews in the reporter, how to step sports to announce to sell line of Shanghai sharp edge all rights and interests and receivable Zhang money, total cost 187.4 million yuan of RMBs, will use as fund of general run transport. Line of Shanghai sharp edge reachs his affiliated company is the international brand retail trade to run a group Wu and hold water, group president Ding Zhizhong steps to still relating the plan of line of Shanghai sharp edge before a few months, and his strong interest to channel of each line market, shop. "We just sold act as agent before the channel of the brand such as Adidasi, sold Jiangsu a business, because we want,make oneself brand and medium of communication attentively namely. " how to step this world of Xu of brand chief inspector to tell a reporter.
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