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Plan of shoe of Ao Kangzhong country runs " Chinese creation "

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Unusual times, is China made how to answer? China is the biggest the practice of group of Ao Kang of enterprise of civilian battalion shoemaking is: Make from China create a breakthrough to China.

A few days ago, reporter from ministry of Wu of method of Ao Kang group and Ao Kang shoe kind the institute learns, enterprise of shoemaking of two high end is declaring patent in: Huang thorium? fills up crural series " , among the insole that blends in new and high science and technology two millimeter, make insole OK and automatic thereby refrigeration or make heat, the; of individual air conditioning that ased if to install to confuse you in user sole is technology of " of bottom of " easy moderate another, in blending in high-tech insole likewise, insole radian is complete curve of sole of joint human body, wear rise comfortable freely, walk relaxed save labour.

As we have learned, only 2007 a year, the product technology patent that Ao Kang group declares amounts to 50, include practical and invention, new-style wait with exterior design, and these technical patent had been in at present 2008 Olympic Gameses of Ao Kang are formal shoe of shoe, GPRS fixed position, breath shoe, damping shoe, can use on the functional shoe such as adjustable high-heeled shoes.

Be worth what carry is, as Beijing Olympic Games skin provided product supplier 2008, ao Kang group continues made Olympic Games is formal hand over the Olympic Games Organizing Committee formally on July 1 with the shoe. This formal with functional shoe, make for pure handiwork, use green is avirulent and sizy, blended in the accept rice technology of newest development, can balance acid-base value of ministry of human body foot, restrain a bacterium to cause, during getting used to an Olympic Games, high strenth high density spends long special job to need.

Since this year, chinese leather shoes makes an industry enter unusual times, raw material and the sources of energy rise in price, exchange rate is reduced, the RMB appreciates, new labor contract law comes on stage... the enterprise of low additional cost faces high cost wash out a bureau. The expert expresses, leather shoes production industry transfers with hi-tech thick and fast to capital imperative.

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