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Aokangji is round again force holds out Liu Xiang

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"Each pace is full of a challenge, believe dreamy force, the meeting is better tomorrow! " on August 20, advertisement of rough-and-ready of round the same night publicizes the one of sponsors that serve as Liu Xiang, Aokangji that Beijing Olympic Games skin provided product supplier 2008 piece brand-new give heat and release formally to media, the picture still is given priority to with the heroic bearing of Liu Xiang hurdle race, match the music with gules character and infuriation, fundamental key is lively, up, profundity of advertisement word meaning, be full of warmth.

"I think right now Liu Xiang is sadder than any people that care him, be opposite for expression of Liu Xiang encourage and support, our specially made new ad publicize for him piece, this broadcast centrally TV station and other place stage in succession next. New ad saying is our collective aspirations, we put Liu Xiang of support, understanding in the heart not only, should reflect more go up in real operation. " chief expresses to the reporter related Ao Kang group, "In the meantime, ao Kang group interlinks brand shop more than times 3000 in the whole nation also in succession pensile ' Liu Xiang, we support you forever ' banner, hope the our support, aspirations that understands Liu Xiang communicates consumer. Hope the our support, aspirations that understands Liu Xiang communicates consumer..

It is reported, after be informed Liu Xiang to retreat contest message on August 18 morning, president of Ao Kang group holds president Wang Zhentao concurrently to state Ao Kang will support Liu Xiang forever instantly, state Ao Kang will delimit according to original work out a scheme further at the same time, force invites Liu Xiang the identity with special figure ambassador, start special to appreciate teacher establish " Liu Xiang Ao Kang champion of 10 beautiful Olympic Games is illuminative coach award " . 2009, ao Kang still will renew the contract with Liu Xiang, collaboration will still continue.

"No matter face how many challenge, we will be controlled in you forever, you are the forever hero in our heart! " this will be on August 20 the reporter is in " Ao Kang group sends Liu Xiang a letter " on a word that see, whole letter has 800 much words probably, be by Ao Kang? The member delegate of group of Liu Xiang boost the morale of is written, represented the collective aspirations of 20 thousand employee of this firm whole nation however, diction guileless, true and touching. The blank place that at the same time the representing of group of boost the morale of still are believing in succession signed his name.

Not only such, from write a speech, to music music, to sing harmony, synthesize to later period again... by Ao Kang 6 amateur are happy fan admire the song that makes for Liu Xiang " circle in the air song " also work finish. Write words person, ao Kang? Meng Chao of round member of Liu Xiang boost the morale of tells a reporter, "To present Liu Xiang, we return those who have a lot of to expect, a lot of affection want expression, use however with verbal beyond expression, I expect this song can will ' circle in the air fan ' people bless and encourage expression what think pair of Liu Xiang at the moment to come out. " Jiang Yihan of chief inspector of this department of government of brand of Ao Kang group expresses as soon as possible MV along with " Ao Kang group sends Liu Xiang a letter " send together on Liu Xiang's hand, hope he is available often can listen.
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