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Who is managing Kappa?

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We know is before the Beijing tendercy of subject Li Ning is being operated, its clump began the dealership that buys outright Kappa to be in chinese mainland and Macao area 2002, by Li Ning Chen Yigong of the CEO before the company appears personally solely do, broke up formally with Li Ning 2005 (the 80% share) that buys Yuan Lining hold, be in this year in October with " Chinese tendercy " name appears on the market in Hong Kong, predicting IPO market prise 4 billion Hongkong dollar, become the afterwards plum peace, China after how stepping to move.

Media exposure, "The Basic Net group that cannot belong to with KAPPA place renews the contract, it is the main factor that Li Ning company exits. Li Ning company admits in announcement, agreement of KAPPA chartered right only 5 years of time, long-term and character, li Ning company cannot share the appreciation result that can bring to KAPPA investment. Company hope was made an appointment with 2007 full when renew the contract with BasicNet, extend chartered right time, but was not adopted by BasicNet group, exit so " .

The problem depends on, if the Italian parent company of Kappa is fixed,should call in in 7 years the management of Kappa, so what relation are it and Chinese tendercy? Should share of hold China tendercy, otherwise the acting company that tendercy regards as to do Kappa only, where is vivosphere?

Media expresses at the same time: "The Li Ning company that gives from KAPPA get away, already threw the operation of another sports brand at present. Announcement shows, li Ning limited company and AIGLE will establish a joint ventures, each control oneself has 50% share. This joint ventures will establish a foreign trader in China solely invested enterprise, be reached to sell AIGLE product in Chinese production, promotion by exclusive accredit.

AIGLE is France famous and outdoors recreational activity and ultimate motion brand, appeared on the market in Parisian stock market 1994. 1997 market of China of AIGLE make one's bow. And maintaining in Chinese inland annual the sale increase rate of 50% . This also is Li Ning a bit what the company values.

An in-house personage of Li Ning company tells " daily economy news " , li Ning company abandons KAPPA to convert AIGLE, a main reason depends on AIGLE is an open trademark, the product line coincide with itself of Li Ning company is very few, and as Chinese outdoors motion arisen, li Ning company special the earnings that values AIGLE to will come.

This personage still points out, this are joint-stock the company will have what popularize AIGLE brand 50 years in Chinese production to specialize in authority, it is concessionary manage what can enjoy the longest fixed number of years, and before the agreement of Li Ning company and KAPPA is mere 5 years. And before the agreement of Li Ning company and KAPPA is mere 5 years..

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