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3 kinds of states of sale organizer: Apotheosis talking, empiricism, Darwinism

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Regard a sale as the organizer, the brain truster of an enterprise, military affairs, chief of staff, enter oneself go the first day to rise, expect to make resounding sex, volatile plan, expect the result that any plan can achieve 39 batches of hoisting jack. But this is a kind of desire only, regard a real sale as the organizer, must pass apotheosis talking, empiricism, Darwinism the growing all previous of 3 phase is experienced, ability reachs concoctive peak.

The first phase: Apotheosis talking

Just enter sale to engineer the person of the industry, it is to just entered office commonly before long, lending the individual's study ability, had seen case of a few sale perhaps had read a few books of sale Great Master, be attracted deeply by the successful case place in the book, for the thought place be charmed of sale Great Master.

The sale organizer of this moment, basically be in visional feeling, was to arrive more to the composing of sale Great Master and thought the phase of pay homage to, the charm that engineers to sale arrived almost apotheosis arrives degree. Can say organizer of this phase sale is right engineer already complete apotheosis. Basically have the impulse of ego of a kind of pressing implementation and intense emotion. Always want to look for an opportunity to bring up piece to the tabloid like sale Great Master classic case, in sale eulogize with business circles.

But after the work that passes period of time is carried out, discovering a good sale to engineer plan can be not brought up easily, and the concentration that is all sorts of resource, next the organizer undertakes by right of Ming Rui's perspective clever detonate. And come up against such opportunity very hard as organizer of sale of a simple, and makes plan basically is not sales promotion plan, it is simple planar plan. And the result that produces is very finite also. It is to resemble what the Great Master describes far from how Oh, how fantastic.

In transfer to preliminary practice from preliminary understanding, sale organizer is in the phase of a kind of ego study, introspection, summary basically, and its are written grandly to sale Great Master theory also be absent believe thoroughly, the thought to the Great Master also no longer in that way praise highly and be charmed. And the position in beginning adj understanding sale to engineer this group course of study and this one profession to be in an enterprise.

This kind of progressively and clear understanding basically is reflected in two respects, realise sale plan is the link in whole sale system only above all, and a good sale plan should be born volatile might, need those who have a lot of link such as media, sale, terminal, channel to cooperate, the play; that any one link does not cooperate to reach the designated position to be able to affect concoctive plan result is a plan on the other hand it is the profession that a sensibility adds reason, sensibility is originality, and reason is data prop up, if product, industry, sale changes,wait a series of data, any pure passion and impulse make a great sale plan almost impossibly.
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