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Without doubt, through acting as agent / buy 23 line brands of foreign to be managed in China, it is means of strategy of a kind of when numerous China kit acts the role of a lot of even industry many brand, from Kappa this successful case, should OK study go to many experience, but have a lot of essential factor we are not clear still, for instance the most important, the design of Kappa / is vogue holds who will be in charge of? Are Italian group or Chinese tendercy all and responsible? How to if be foreign,balance China and whole world again the relation of other place? What key essential factor does the success of Kappa still have? Whether experience can duplicate to go up to AIGLE?

What what brand has Kappa still go qualitative? I think Puma has this base, and the tendency that also can see it is rising at present. Of course, here citing Kappa or Puma, itself can not delimit probably the exemple of athletic brand, and the fashionable clothing that is close to urban campaign style more.


ChaoLee makes a speech:

One, brand fixed position:

Have field of opportunity discussion dress again. What pay close attention to athletic brand is much, of understanding little. In the dress domain that I am engaged in, early in order to be " fashionable motion is changed, motion is fashionable also changed " . KAPPA attracts me the earliest return, the brand LOGO that still is youth of back of a chair of that pair of backs, the colour of the dress also is to compare only. We also call this brand with respect to common " back is carried on the back " , with A Di, be able to bear or endure gram product heavy function appeals to beg photograph comparing, KAPPA really extraordinary, its brand fixed position is: Vogue, motion, sex appeal reachs grade, KAPPA emphasizes: Sports brand is recreational change, athletic brand specializations.

2, transmission is politic:

1, sports sale

Chinese tennis made public contest 2007, have by the match sale window of numerous personage take delight in talking about: The organizing committee asks ref first on champion prize-giving ceremony. Obtain the Yangkeweiji that Chinese tennis surpassed female Chan Yajun publicly 2007, express on behalf of the organizing committee: "Thank ref people with us together, built the game that a such wonderful confused show for all friends that love tennis. " the dress sponsor of current ref -- the Kappa of brand of famous campaign style that comes from Italy, offerred the originality of such cut into a mountain of tennis match sale, let Kappa earn sufficient " attention economy " . This let me remember a book that reading recently " not impossible " in team of Germany of the federal before ADIDAS A Di of the description is sponsorred, obtain the story of world cup good achievement, among them the most seductive is confederative Germany bishop practice invites the A Di that is team shoemaking and team raise cup jointly and group photo accept as a souvenir. Travelling in that is not very professional time, what what A Di makes is OK change the gym shoes that hobnail gets used to different field conquered quickly European market.
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