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Achievement of construction of brand of gram of grand star Er is outstanding

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On September 5, weave by world brand lab, " world entrepreneur " the 2008 year that the magazine issues " Asian brand 500 strong " pop chart is announced formally, in the brand of Asian sporting goods of the 5 a list of names posted up on the home, hong Xinger overcomes plum of prep close behind to could there be (115) the beautiful ferry with Japan is thick (163) later the platoon is in the 3rd. On September 19, brand of gram of grand star Er appears in again " Forbes " present this year in list of company of 200 optimal Asias, become two go up greatly one of brands of domestic sporting goods of a list of names posted up. This also is indicating before Hong Xinger overcomes brand of movement of ascend body country 3 strong. As we have learned, this is gram of grand star Er go up at the same time first a list of names posted up " Forbes " and " Asian brand 500 strong " , also be in in recent years from gram of Er of side letter star brand sale and brand construction already showed result.

Hong Xinger overcomes president Wu Rongguang to express to the reporter: "Regard sports of domestic a gleam of as the brand, gram of grand star Er realized the major impetus that the brand develops to the enterprise early, built a respect to do a large number of works in the brand. This, be judged to be one of 200 optimal enterprises of Asian to mix enter Asian brand 500 be opposite by force is huge is invigorated for us, this is the affirmation that restrains brand sale and brand construction to Hong Xinger, we can continue hard to make Hong Xinger gram the athletic brand that precedes for the whole world, let Hong Xinger overcome the pride that makes ethical brand. " nearly two years, hong Xinger overcomes what adopt brand strategy ceaselessly to carry out, promote oneself brand value in the round. 2007, hong Xinger overcomes strategy of sale of the comprehensive Olympic Games that start: Start new " To Be No.1 " brand strategy, become " partner of whole world of Korea Olympic committee " , team of weight lifting of assistance China woman 48 kilograms of class. The fact proves, the brand strategy that Hong Xinger overcomes is famous to promoting its spend and beautiful praise degree had main effect.

On 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, chinese player Chen Xiexia lifts weights in the woman the clean and jerk that this project breaks in final of 48 kilograms of class and total achievement are recorded twice, won first gold for Chinese team, people is in remember Chen Xiexia while, remembered the name that its sponsor Hong Xinger overcomes as much, remembered it " To Be No.1 " brand concept. It is to be on 08 Olympic Games likewise, the delegacy of Korea of another assistance object that Hong Xinger overcomes also obtained historic breakthrough, obtain 2 gold 1 silver 3 copper, regard Korea as the sponsor of delegacy, gram of grand star Er is on Olympic Games competition ground as well-known as numerous international trademark spreads out with field athletics, this also publicized the brand essence that Hong Xinger captures greatly, enlarged the international influence of the brand.
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