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High quality athletic brand Kappa is very fashionable also

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Kappa, come from fashionable motion brand of Italy, logo as person of low position for two back-to-back, enter Chinese market from 2002 up to now, 6 years short right-and-left time obtained rapid development in China, became in domestic sprotswear respect is to be next to A Di and be able to bear or endure the international brand of the gram, not only home almost monopolistic area has bazaar of all big general merchandise and athletic brand Kappa brand shop, and the position stands by Nike and Adidas mostly, and the person that wears Kappa currently is increasing. The product function that waits unlike Nike, Adidas appeals to beg, the sense that Kappa gives a person is young, vigor, brand fixed position is vogue, motion, sex appeal and grade, act on " fashionable motion is changed, athletic style is changed " concept, kappa is becoming the vane of Chinese campaign style, . So, kappa grows quickly " secret book " which? Actually, the backside of rapid growth, the high potential client that is quickness growth group, be capital force aid push, but more important still is model of sports brand management make. To the Kappa success in Chinese market, the author thinks a few respects are crucial as follows:

One, market depth fractionize

Kappa is in China to be dominant with Italian product at first, its brand extends the development pattern of market of Italy of continuance of train of thought, sale dimensions develops steadily, but be in professional on not enemy Adidas and Nike. Meanwhile, as 80 after arisen, individuation of the pursuit in the process in consumption and diversification are apparent with each passing day, they do not like a tradition, not be willing always is the feeling of black and white ash. Pass then dig the market greatly, deepness fractionize, change the course of dedicated in the past kit, turn to note the manner that enters fashionable tide to be in athletic element, what because articles for use is changed in carry of the China before 2004,general apt moves is practical, be deficient in fashionable tide element, kappa grasps an opportunity quickly, high pay invites famous stylist, colour and lustre and clipping are paid attention to in designing a process, use collocation of color of bold, exaggerated and marked label, make motion fashionable also, carry out the dress of motion, fashionable style, emphasize giving birth to activation, use the design style that tight and fashionable vigor moves, will move and lie fallow to be united in wedlock to rise well, assemble gymnastic spirit fuse inside, but the sporting goods that it is not dinkum major, they more the fashionable dress that resembles appearing on T stage, catered to consumer especially the be fond of of tide gens.

2, anthology makings and when all is entered

Top-ranking product needs top-ranking raw material, for " act according to actual circumstances " , kappa is choosing makings respect to be broken through ceaselessly, travel together with tide. If be in Spring 2007, the fashionable motion agitation that goes when indelicacy to suit, kappa uses the fabrics of sex of high quality, function, match with the match colors color with distinctive Kappa, huang La, Hei Gong color that has cycle racing color extremely, reveal the rate that gives cycle racing campaign and fashionable sense, aureate, argent deduce rich fashionable life, azure, pure white, be full of marine breath... these, besides dress design, more styles are reflected come from at fabrics. If be in 2008 Chun Xiazhi border, kappa is in follow before beautiful beautiful go up with sexy foundation, increased to wait for more and classical element like stripe, badge, rolled out series to be tasted newly.
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