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Kappa history

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Kappa does not call Kappa at first, the body calls M.c.t for before its. small-sized company. This company full name " Societa Anonima Calzificio Torinese " , what cared about ministry of big profit northwest 1916 is clever (Turin) holds water, basically produce sock and underwear. This company's first brand is " Aquila " , just become later present " Kappa " .

Such-and-such, m.c.t. Silent all the time and cultivated, achievement disappears outstanding. Till 60 time later period, a main turning point makes it obtain all-time outstanding achievement leap forward. An unexpected happy event of culture of youthful at that time informal clothes rises abruptly, the concept of bisexual dress unifinication also begins budding, m.c.t. 覤 follows the market, roll out two new brands " Robe Di Kappa " reach " Jesus Jeans " . These two are the brand of staple commodity with tide informal clothes and jeans, cooperating the propagandist bridge with bold innovation paragraph, at once gains all-time success. 70 time end, m.c.t. What locate the brand afresh is politic, the proof is to mark clever move, " Kappa Sport " (before long hind the Kappa) that be by abbreviation also becomes youngster market to fix eyes upon a brand medium.

As casual success, kappa begins afresh market of focal replace sporting goods. The Kappa with dye-in-the-wood confidence is in 70 time end, begin to be professional athlete and team to provide assistance. Sponsor Zu Yunda of Italian top class team above all this, before long hind make assistance target again delay to Ac Milan, Senduoliya, Rome and Dutch A Jishi, these team ever all carried off important match prize. Come all the way 80 time, kappa more assistance achievement is outstanding " exceed a class " American track team, provide the most advanced technology support for team member, everybody can remember Seoul Olympic Games 88 years, the tight dash attire with American classical track team, the literary work that is out Kappa then.

Aggression football ground

Step 90 time, the brand of Kappa often appears on green mattress field, a lot of famous balls all can be the proponent of Kappa, the person that express among them should count Zuyun Basailuo takes Da Sihe, national group has south Africa and Jamaica. 1997, kappa more sponsor authorities with cup of champion of European league matches, the agreement that signed one paper 3 years, the designation that becomes this football great event sprotswear sponsor. Kappa has stronger battle array now.

1993, kappa is bought by a financial group that is called Basic Properties, and obtain Benetton of fashionable dress famous brand support with all one's strength on finance, make Kappa actual strength more abundant, already became Europe the biggest private have athletic product group. On Feburary 9, 1999, kappa is further upward, get the show appreciation for sb of delegation of football of nation of Italy of world top team, become his sponsor, player all be giant star of the emperor of Japan, your Kappa fame soars. More those who fix eyes on is, kappa becomes only sign to be able to put him grade to be on polo shirt of Italian nation group.
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