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Li Ning, native land brand, globalization is deduced

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Li Ning, china attended the king of the gold of the Olympic Games first 1984, china held the Olympic Games first 2008 advocate torch hand, he goes up not to lack a ring of light forever personally, but his forever pursuit makes us brighter eye -- ,

There is reiteration here " Li Ning " was born 1990, be industry of Chinese sporting goods get army enterprise, it is the first builds domestic sprotswear and shoe enterprise of the first the first center of products plan research and development, executive ERP, Chinese sporting goods that appears on the market outside the condition, also be the first assistance China inferior carry / the delegacy of Olympic Games sports, Chinese sports brand that appears the first times in group of top class movement of abroad of the first American NBA competition ground, assistance... with the whole world this company of banner sporting goods is development target.

Olympic Games arena

The commercial value of the Olympic Games makes the large stage that its become photo corner of numerous brand contest to chase, sports brand is more hammer and tongs. Review the history, we can see the Olympic Games brought up the rise of brand of each mainland sports, for instance German Munich Olympic Games and A Di were amounted to 1972 this, 1984 Olympic Games of American los angeles and be able to bear or endure gram. Apparent, li Ning won't miss the Beijing opportunity 2008.

Be in early actually 1992, li Ning brand appears on an Olympic Games, at that time, "Li Ning " mission of Yo of the polity in be being chosen to be is special brand of the equipment that receive award, ended Chinese athlete to wearing the history of dress of foreign sports brand on the Olympic Games. 2000 on Sydney Olympic Games, "Li Ning " get with what Chinese dragon design gives priority to a problem award is taken and result from the butterfly shoe of natural inspiration is to shine brilliantly more, the elect by ballot of each country reporter that Olympic Games be participationed reports is " brand of the optimal equipment that receive award " . 2004 Athenian Olympic Games, the Chinese band that wearing Li Ning kit obtained the history best achievement.

Face 2008, li Ning hope is thick accumulate thin hair. However, 1 year ago sufferring a defeat is heavy biff to its undoubtedly. In January 2007, a Di of weathy sporting goods tycoon amounts to Si Ping to borrow 1.3 billion yuan commitment fee to become partner of government of Beijing Olympic Games, that is to say, member of delegacy of sports of officer of all staff members of abstruse meeting, technology, volunteer, China waited for Beijing Olympic Games, incomplete 2008, will wear the dress that Adidasi offers.

Close this time lose and did not let " Li Ning " rein in its Olympic Games footstep. Zhang Zhiyong of CEO of Li Ning company says: "Is with A Di Da Sihe able to bear or endure does gram comparing spend money? That is impossible job. Irrespective nevertheless, we have a plenty of ideas -- , and assuring is good idea... early of Li Ning company begins to think method searchs a kind of unprecedented means to popularize a brand: Inside narrow capital range, beautiful penny handles a major issue. " a few facts of the Queen of heaven prove, li Ning has good idea really. On January 5, 2007, li Ning announces to sign an agreement with CCTV sports channel, dress of Li Ning card all must be worn when the column that comes to broadcasted 2008 from 2007 and compere of match section purpose and reporter go looking glass.
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